Gearbox Digital celebrates grand 10th anniversary with all artists in Utrecht on October 19, 2019

Last week a mysterious X appeared in the timelines and stories of the artists who are or were part of the Scottish label Gearbox Digital. Artists such as Rebelion, D-Sturb, Delete, Malice, Unresolved, Rooler and Ncrypta shared this X and it was already speculated that it could be a possible Gearbox party.

The X stands for 10 years of Gearbox! The Scottish label has announced that they will celebrate their 10th anniversary at the Central Studios in Utrecht together with all the greats and talents that have formed Gearbox over the past 10 years. A 13-hour RAW spectacle.

In the trailer you can already experience a piece of the Gearbox history with the many beautiful moments and smashing releases that characterize the label. The infamous Gearbox OOOH, hits such as Domination, FearTheGear, Brutalized and hostings at many festivals such as Q-Base, Fatality, Intents, Hard Island and the Fear The Gear editions of Suppression!

The organization of ‘10 years Gearbox’ is in the hands of Suppression and promises to get the most out of the 2 large areas. The Central studios consists of 2 different black boxes that are perfect for producing an amazing show like you’ve never seen before at a Gearbox event.

Of course, all Gearbox artists will be present on October 19, but also artists with a special bond to the label such as Delete who was a resident on the Gearbox Podcast when Spoontech first came on the scene.

Ticket sales start on Thursday June 27 at 7:00 PM. Die-hards can already register via or to be the first to get their tickets including a goodie.